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"I have had the privilege of working with Scannell & Kurz for approximately 10 years at two different institutions. Both universities experienced tremendous enrollment growth, a stronger freshman profile, higher NTR, and a lower discount rate. In my four years of working with Scannell & Kurz at AU, enrollment has grown from 1,900 to nearly 3,000, the discount rate has experienced a double-digit reduction, and the freshman academic profile has increased dramatically. Scannell & Kurz combination of data-driven research, insightful consulting, ongoing accessibility, and their customized approach to working with clients makes them, in my experience, the most effective higher education consulting firm in the nation."

Omar Rashed
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Anderson University (SC)

"In a highly competitive market, higher education institutions must increase the odds that their strategic decisions about enrollment targets and student aid are consistent with institutional mission and fiscal resources. Scannell and Kurz provides customized, essential data that informs those decisions, presenting external data that adds context and internal data that identifies opportunities."

Joseph Moore
Lesley University

About Us

We are higher education consultants... Since its founding in 1996, Scannell & Kurz has provided higher education consulting services to over 300 institutions on more than 350 projects.


Advantages of working with Scannell & Kurz include:

  • Our customized, data-driven approach to addressing your unique enrollment challenges
  • Experienced practitioners who ensure practical and detailed solutions (for more information about our staff and associates, see our team biographies and the associates page)
  • An extensive and diverse client base that gives us a broad perspective on the higher education industry
  • Commitment to personal service for each client



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