Bill Berg

A Holiday Gift Guide: What Presidents Want From Their Enrollment Managers - Monday Musings
It’s the season for gift-giving, which caused S&K to think this week about what college presidents would like to receive from their enrollment managers. Presidents are so hard to shop for. Here are a few gift ideas for you: A healthy, collaborative relationship between the EM and the chief financial officer. The relationship should be an open, trusting and mutually supportive one. There should be a cohort-based revenue plan, with enrollment, institutional aid, net tuition revenue and discount rates for each student cohort as it enters the institution and then progresses through to graduation. It should be updated at least annually, if not each term. Effective collaboration between the EM and the chief academic officer, too. The EM needs…Read more

Saving Non-Enrolled Student Aid Data - Monday Musings
Why keep data on institutional aid awards in your student information system after admitted students tell you they won’t be enrolling in the fall? After all, you’ll probably never see these students again. Why take a chance that these dollars might find their way into internal and external reports of enrolled student aid? A surprising number of institutions still feel this way about aid data for non-enrolling students. The reason for keeping a record of those awards is simple and compelling – you can’t understand the role institutional merit and need-based aid play in prospective students’ enrollment decisions without data from enrolling and non-enrolling students. The best methods used to analyze the impact of scholarship and grant…Read more

The Net Price Calculator: The Verdict Is In - Monday Musings
We are approaching the second anniversary of the deadline requiring colleges and universities to publish an online tool – a net price calculator (NPC) – that prospective students and families can use to estimate their total cost for attending the institution. Some schools are still trying to decide how useful their NPC is. Previous posts to Monday Musings have suggested comparing your institution’s NPC results to those of your competitors and paying attention to the aptness of your NPC for your target student/parent audience. More recently, schools are discovering the importance of harvesting the results of their NPC to improve their assessment of students’ interest in the institution and their probability of enrollment. Student use…Read more