Bill Berg

Enrollment Management Web Resources - Monday Musings
If you’re like me, you may find it frustrating trying to keep up with the latest trends in enrollment management. I have a few favorite sources on the web that I check regularly and a few others I also try to keep up with, but new sources are constantly popping up. In the interest of putting a more comprehensive list together, I asked my colleagues here at S&K for their favorites. So now I feel totally on top of things. At least for today. Please post your favorites in a comment below. Blogs Chronicle of Higher Education Headcount Inside Higher Ed Blog U Washington Monthly College Guide Jon Boeckenstedt’s Admitting Things Bow Tie Admission Stamats MyCollegeGuide (see the archives) Center…Read more

College Counselors & Financial Aid - Monday Musings
A recent survey conducted by RuffaloCODY found that many rising high school seniors relied heavily on their school counselors for information on college financial aid. When students were asked where they had gotten information on financial aid, only college websites (with 40% of students citing them as a source) ranked higher than high school counselors (33%) as a source of information. We often talk about how, as enrollment managers, we no longer control the student recruitment conversation. This realization leads to a number of conclusions about the persistence of paper and email communications, the importance of the college’s website, and the roles of other key influencers. As you put together your recruitment plan for fall 2015, be…Read more

A Holiday Gift Guide: What Presidents Want From Their Enrollment Managers - Monday Musings
It’s the season for gift-giving, which caused S&K to think this week about what college presidents would like to receive from their enrollment managers. Presidents are so hard to shop for. Here are a few gift ideas for you: A healthy, collaborative relationship between the EM and the chief financial officer. The relationship should be an open, trusting and mutually supportive one. There should be a cohort-based revenue plan, with enrollment, institutional aid, net tuition revenue and discount rates for each student cohort as it enters the institution and then progresses through to graduation. It should be updated at least annually, if not each term. Effective collaboration between the EM and the chief academic officer, too. The EM needs…Read more