Bill Berg

The CRM Implementation Cycle - Monday Musings
The Economist recently published this graphic in its #dailychart feature. It’s a graphic representation of Gartner's emerging technologies ‘hype cycle,’ and shows where selected technologies stand in a 10+ year cycle of adoption. Looking at this curve, I was reminded of the number of our clients who are in the midst of their own technology adoptions as they implement new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software in the admissions office. The descriptions of the different segments of the curve seemed to coincide pretty well with many users’ experiences with CRM implementation. If you’ve been through this process recently, you'll remember the sequence of events. You went through the process of reviewing several alternative products,…Read more

Students’ Perceptions of Financial Aid: A Follow Up - Monday Musings
In June, we had a post in this blog that talked about a RuffaloCODY/Scannell & Kurz survey that found that many rising high school seniors relied heavily on their school counselors for information on college financial aid. When students were asked where they had gotten information on financial aid, only college websites (with 40% of students citing them as a source) ranked higher than high school counselors (33%) as a source of information. We conducted a follow-up to this survey in late spring, reaching out to 850 of these same seniors who had agreed to be contacted again at the end of their college search process. Of all of the findings, perhaps the most surprising was the change in responses to the question of the importance students assigned…Read more

Enrollment Management Web Resources - Monday Musings
If you’re like me, you may find it frustrating trying to keep up with the latest trends in enrollment management. I have a few favorite sources on the web that I check regularly and a few others I also try to keep up with, but new sources are constantly popping up. In the interest of putting a more comprehensive list together, I asked my colleagues here at S&K for their favorites. So now I feel totally on top of things. At least for today. Please post your favorites in a comment below. Blogs Chronicle of Higher Education Headcount Inside Higher Ed Blog U Washington Monthly College Guide Jon Boeckenstedt’s Admitting Things Bow Tie Admission Stamats MyCollegeGuide (see the archives) Center…Read more