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Transparency Sells - Monday Musings
This past week, my friend, Dan, posted an ad on Craigslist hoping to sell his car. In his posting, he described in great detail the many defects of his vehicle, and in some cases, how his vehicle got those defects. This car is a piece of crap. There are two dents in the front driver’s side. First one is from me trying to slide across the hood like in the movie super troopers. The second one is from me trying to get the first dent out. #fatguysdontslide One of the hinges on the trunk window is broken. For the love of God don't try to open it. You can't use the heat without it smelling up the car. Happy winter driving! There is a hole in the muffler... (Click here to read the full ad on Craigslist.) As I read the posting, I thought to myself:…Read more

Maximizing the Benefit of Working with Consultants - Monday Musings
Although, as enrollment management consultants, we work hard to serve all of our clients well, we do find that some clients end up getting more out of our collaborations than others. We’ve spent some time thinking about our most successful partnerships with clients, and wanted to share some advice on the attributes we think have contributed significantly to ensuring a successful consultation: Clearly communicate your goals for the project as part of the process of selecting a consulting partner to be sure you are all on the same page. We always request an intake phone call before drafting a proposal for this very reason. We want to be sure the services we are proposing will meet the client’s needs. In cases where we think another firm…Read more

The CRM Implementation Cycle - Monday Musings
The Economist recently published this graphic in its #dailychart feature. It’s a graphic representation of Gartner's emerging technologies ‘hype cycle,’ and shows where selected technologies stand in a 10+ year cycle of adoption. Looking at this curve, I was reminded of the number of our clients who are in the midst of their own technology adoptions as they implement new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software in the admissions office. The descriptions of the different segments of the curve seemed to coincide pretty well with many users’ experiences with CRM implementation. If you’ve been through this process recently, you'll remember the sequence of events. You went through the process of reviewing several alternative products,…Read more

Admissions Web Design: Keeping Up With Mobile Users - Monday Musings
We have known for some time that responsive web design, design that seeks to optimize the viewing experience for users, was going to be particularly important for college sites as more and more students and parents began to access the web on mobile devices. Most agree that having a site optimized for mobile viewing has been necessary for some time, but the most recent Noel-Levitz E-Expectations Report leaves no room for doubt. Among respondents to the most recent survey, 90% of high school seniors had access to a mobile device, and 71% of seniors have looked at a college site on a mobile device. While the study also found that more than 85% of seniors and parents prefer to view college sites on a desktop computer, this does not diminish the…Read more

Sticker Price in a Net Price Calculator World - Monday Musings
As a former financial aid professional I conducted dozens of financial aid nights at local high schools to assist families in completing the FAFSA. I wish I had a nickel for each time I uttered the phrase “don’t rule out a college based on cost alone. You would be surprised at how affordable a private college may be.” One would think that the opportunity to find out an estimated net price, now that colleges and universities are beginning the fourth year of the required net price calculator (NPC), would be enough to cause students and families to do a little more homework before ruling out a school based on cost. Maybe it’s lack of consistency – the fact that there are numerous types of NPCs may turn people off. Some institutions using…Read more