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Defining the Tuition Discount Rate - Monday Musings
Here at S&K, when asked by clients how we calculate the tuition discount rate, we have for many years said we view the NACUBO calculation – defined as institutional grant dollars as a share of gross tuition and fee revenue – as the industry standard (see, for example, publications on the NACUBO website here and here.) However, a client recently pointed out an exception noted at the bottom of a NACUBO report published in 2012, saying “[Total grant aid] does not include grant dollars that cover room and board or books.” (See the last paragraph of Study Essentials at the end of this report.) NACUBO has said they make this exception to allow them to maintain comparable discount rates among different types of institutions. Unfortunately,…Read more

Collaboration: Athletics and Admissions - Monday Musings
At institutions where student athletes comprise a significant percentage of new student enrollment, the partnership between the admissions office and athletic department is more important than ever. All too often, even in cases where there is a strong working relationship between the departments, data that are critical to ensure both recruitment and enrollment success are not flowing as freely as necessary between the two offices. The athletic recruiting process is high touch and labor intensive. Coaches must find time for multiple contacts with each recruit, by phone, text, email and in person. Just as admissions offices have turned to CRMs and other technologies to manage their recruitment processes, these increasing demands on coaches have…Read more

Right-Sizing Your Institution - Monday Musings
‘Right-sizing’ is a term that has long been in use in business, but in recent years has moved into common usage in higher education. Though sometimes used as a euphemism for ‘downsizing,’ it more rightly refers to an effort to optimize enrollment with existing human resources, programs and facilities – namely, fixed costs. There are a host of factors that should go into this analysis, where an institution is essentially attempting to match demand with the school’s capacity to meet that demand. The list that follows begins with several internal factors to consider – most of which the institution has some ability to control – and then continues with external factors, over which the institution has limited or no control. [Note:…Read more

What I Look for in a College, by Joey Loffredo - Monday Musings
[Note: Joey Loffredo is a high school junior serving as an intern this fall in the S&K offices.] The college search is a time of great uncertainty in a high school student’s life. Where will I be in two years? Can I get in where I want to go? Did I do enough in high school? The uncertainty, however, is on both sides of the table, as recruitment and enrollment officers also have a great deal of uncertainty. What do students truly look for? What makes our institution more attractive than our competitors? As a junior, I am currently a prime target of admissions representatives from around the country and as a current intern at Scannell & Kurz, I have been asked to share my perspective on the college search process. I will do this by listing…Read more

The Lost Art of Mentoring - Monday Musings
As I look back at some of the most important relationships in my life, I remember a high school football coach who became a lifelong friend; a counselor in college who saw a freshman in need of direction and guidance after losing his father; an eccentric professor who saw some leadership and organizational potential; and even a supervisor who later became a formidable business competitor. All of these people played important roles mentoring me personally as well as professionally. The value and impact of their mentoring can’t be measured and I am forever grateful for it. In return, mentoring young men and women, either as a coach, an admissions professional, a legal guardian, a father, a supervisor, and now a grandfather has been a lifetime…Read more