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Distance from Home & Catholic Colleges - Monday Musings
I have written previous blogs about the distance from home that students travel to attend college. I find the statistics on the topic quite intriguing, in part because it seems that some institutions ignore the information in recruitment planning. I spent more than two decades working at a Catholic university in financial aid and enrollment. Here at S&K we work with many small, Catholic colleges, so that combination of previous and current work experience prompted me to dig a little deeper into distance from home stats for students attending Catholic colleges. The CIRP Freshman Survey (TFS) that Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) has been conducting for 50 years collects information about how far students venture from home to attend…Read more

Faith-Based Outcomes - Monday Musings
Scannell & Kurz client Cedarville University recently published an excellent article highlighting the results of a survey of their graduates showing they are doing an exceptional job of both preparing students for careers and graduate school and then in assisting them with placement after graduation. As I read the article, it brought to mind the shifting priorities of students enrolling at CCCU schools that were outlined in the CCCU/Noel Levitz market research study released in February 2010. Five years later seems an excellent time to review the results because the relevance continues to increase as faith-based institutions continue to face new enrollment challenges. If you are not familiar with the study, among other things, in 2000 and then…Read more

Content Marketing for Higher Education - Monday Musings
Today we would like to highlight a blog post written by Michael Lofstead that appeared on the Noel-Levitz website in February. Michael offers 15 years of experience in higher education marketing and communications. In this post, we will examine some “guerrilla” approaches you can use to create an effective e-brochure and share some tips on finding good content that your campus already has available. Before we start, note that these tips are appropriate for campuses where resources to assemble high quality, professionally-produced e-brochures are not readily available. Of course, it’s great to have the capability to have professionally produced e-brochures, and for those who do have such access, I suggest you count yourselves fortunate…Read more

Planning & Borrowing for College - Monday Musings
When it comes to paying for college, we know that American families vary widely in their planning. Sallie Mae’s 2014 report, How America Pays For College, provides some interesting insights. The report is based on a survey Ipsos conducted for Sallie Mae of 1600 undergraduates and their parents in April 2014. The study found that 38% of families reported that they had a plan to pay for their student’s entire college education before the student enrolled. Responses differed significantly, though, by family income. The percentage of families reporting they had a plan decreased from the previous year for all but high-income families. In related research, RuffaloCODY repeated its Perceptions of Financial Aid survey of college-bound seniors and…Read more

Time To Put the Pedal To the Metal on Yield Activities - Monday Musings
March 1st is a week away. Most admissions offices are still processing applications and sending notices to newly admitted students. But they also know it’s time to put the pedal to the metal on yield activities if they haven’t already started. What makes yield activities especially urgent this year is the fact that so many schools are reporting increases in applications. WICHE projects an increase in public high school graduates of less than 1% from 2014 to 2015. So, unless there’s a substantial increase in the college-going rate, yields can be expected to drop for next fall. So, what does your yield plan look like? Here are a few suggestions, if you’re not already doing them: Yield events On-campus Accepted Student Days – Make…Read more