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Training As a Perishable Good - Monday Musings
“Training is a perishable good.” I heard that phrase the other day and it resonated with respect to training admissions recruiters. Jim Scannell would probably say that training and professional development for recruiters is a race without a finish line. Training is perishable, in part, because of the turnover that takes place in many admissions offices. Admissions and enrollment leadership must be in a constant state of refreshing and updating, even to the point of redundancy. In other cases, information takes longer to sink in with certain people. Take for example, the meetings many admissions offices often hold over the summer to get updates from academic deans and department heads. This is helpful; however, it can also be like the proverbial…Read more

Use these free and low-cost Google tools to improve campus visitor navigation. - Monday Musings
Admission offices have always been concerned with campus navigation for prospective students. Directional signage, clear navigation instructions in print and on the web, carefully thought out addresses that are online map-friendly, and, most recently, campus-specific apps have all been part of making sure visitors can figure out where to go and how to get around. Now, as the number of secret shoppers and stealth applicants continue to climb, there is little doubt that some are taking a DIY approach to campus tours and not announcing their visit to anyone, choosing rather to quietly make a visit as just one other way to gather information. Based on this hypothesis of a new generation of visitors, here a few ideas to consider. First, the New…Read more

Cost of Attendance in an NPC World - Monday Musings
As the Federal Student Aid Handbook states: “The cost of attendance (COA) is the cornerstone of establishing a student’s financial need, as it sets a limit on the total aid that a student may receive…” Establishing average indirect costs (books, personal expenses, transportation…) for the COA budget can be done in a variety of ways — often through periodic surveys of the student population. In the past, regardless of the methodology used when building COA budgets, the philosophy that drove many institutions was to be generous with indirect cost allowances (e.g., for books, personal expenses, transportation) for two primary reasons: First, having generous allowances reduced the number of appeals for increased allowances based on…Read more

2015 New Year’s Resolutions for Enrollment Managers - Monday Musings
Here are this year’s resolutions. Include these in your priorities for the coming calendar year. Avoid “knee jerk” reactions to the competitor’s strategy de jour. Don’t make decisions on intuition alone. Experience and expertise can help inform decision making, but all plans, programs, and strategies should be the result of comprehensive data-driven analysis. Be a good communicator, with the senior team and trustees; with your leadership team in enrollment; and throughout your organization. Given the volatile and competitive nature of enrollment management today, one of your absolute, critical responsibilities is to ensure there are no enrollment surprises – good or bad. Clear, timely communication is key. Invest your time and…Read more

Happy Holidays from Your Friends at Scannell & Kurz! - Monday Musings
  Everyone at Scannell & Kurz wishes you a safe and happy New Year!   Image © Denise Torres | Created with Canva.Read more