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September 2011

Transfers, The New Freshmen - Monday Musings
As is likely the case in your hometown, here in Rochester, NY families have been experiencing the economic challenges brought about by the now long lasting deep recession. This has led more families to consider having their children attend two years of college community college before transferring to a four year institution. A great local example of this trend is Finger Lakes Community College which has seen its enrollment increase 45 percent since 2006. I believe we need to view this shift of graduating high school seniors away from four year colleges toward community colleges as the new normal. These future transfers are becoming the new freshmen. They represent an excellent recruitment opportunity for four year institutions struggling to…Read more

Net Price Calculator - Monday Musings
Welcome to Monday Musings — Scannell & Kurz’s new blog. Each Monday a team member from S&K will share their perspective on a higher education issue. We’ve added some new staff this summer, so be sure to check the team biographies section of our website to meet the rest of the S&K team. So my thought for this first Monday came from the fact that I just spent 20 minutes looking on a client’s website to find a net price calculator (NPC) THAT I KNEW WAS THERE! Somewhere. I finally found it buried on the institutional research office’s website. On the other hand, I’ve seen some institutions post their NPCs on the welcome page of their website. So I was musing about some possible reasons for this different behavior: Those burying their…Read more