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The Ruffalo Noel Levitz blog covers the key topics we have addressed: enrollment management, student retention, student recruitment, financial aid, and marketing. We are looking forward to not only continuing to share our insights with you, but to connect you with the additional strategies and recommendations of our new colleagues.

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October 2011

How Does Your Net Price Calculator Compare? - Monday Musings
Happy Halloween! Know what’s really scary? Not knowing how your Net Price Calculator compares with your competitors’! October 29 has come and gone, and the much anticipated (and sometimes dreaded) deadline has arrived when families now have the ability to compare institutions based on “net price.” Meeting the compliance date does not mean you can breathe a sigh of relief and move on. How does your clearly labeled NPC stack up against the competition? Now’s the time to run some test cases through your own calculator as well as your competitors’, and note the differences! Try at least five cases: high quality/high need, high quality/low need, average quality/average need, low quality/high need, and low quality/low need. How do the…Read more

Creating Compelling Campus Visits - Monday Musings
The importance of the campus visit has risen to the top of the priority list for deans and directors of admissions at colleges and universities across the country – public and private, large and small. In fact, a cottage industry of experts has even surfaced focused on evaluating and recommending how each campus can “put its best foot forward” with the campus tour, open house, and accepted student day events. So it’s clear that colleges have gotten the message: “We only have one shot to make a good first impression.” Lots of creativity is now pouring into making the campus visit a memorable one, creating WOW moments and WOW connections with the campus community. But there’s a fundamental piece of the puzzle missing – selling…Read more

What Can Young Alumni Do For You? - Monday Musings
There’s no group of people that wants to give back to their alma mater more than young alumni. They are looking for a way to help. They want to do something for the place that gave them so much. But too often, young alums are made to feel that the only way they can help is financially. They receive phone calls throughout the year asking if they want to give money, and that’s always the subtle (or not so subtle) message in the alumni magazine. However, they are looking for something more. They want to be given an opportunity to donate their time, because they feel that in giving their time, they can give back something much more valuable to their institution than money. Recently, a friend of mine was given this very opportunity. He was contacted…Read more

Marketing Positive Student Outcomes - Monday Musings
On a recent campus visit, I was party to a lively discussion with administrators about the institution’s value proposition. The usual exemplars came up – we have small classes, our faculty give students close personal attention, and other good – if not distinctive – reasons for choosing a college. We eventually got around to other characteristics prospective students and their parents find more compelling in a difficult economy: alumni help students develop career interests and make contacts in the working world, students get internships in fields related to their interests, graduates get good jobs and go to great graduate schools. But looking at the institution’s website, there was no information on any of these activities on the…Read more

Rethinking Departmental Scholarships - Monday Musings
Deep cuts in state appropriations; cost-cutting measures; centralization of administrative functions. These phrases are oft penned these days when describing the climate at many public institutions. Departmental scholarships may be an area where finding efficiencies could provide some relief. Our travels to almost 300 institutions over the years have taken us to dozens of public colleges and universities. More often than not, these visits reveal that many public institutions (and, truth be told, a number of privates) do not even think about departmental scholarships when considering how to more strategically deploy institutional grants and scholarships to meet enrollment goals. Consistently what we observe is… well... inconsistency within…Read more