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While Scannell & Kurz continues to provide the expert consulting and high level of service by which we define ourselves, as a division of Ruffalo Noel Levitz we also offer the benefits of our collaboration with a larger team of talented consultants.

Part of that collaboration involves our enrollment blog. Each week on this site, we have posted relevant research, insights, and recommendations to help you make the most of your strategies. We will now post to the Ruffalo Noel Levitz blog along with a good number of our colleagues—increasing the frequency and diversity of posts you’ll find on all manner of topics.

The Ruffalo Noel Levitz blog covers the key topics we have addressed: enrollment management, student retention, student recruitment, financial aid, and marketing. We are looking forward to not only continuing to share our insights with you, but to connect you with the additional strategies and recommendations of our new colleagues.

There’s also an option to subscribe for synopses of recent blog posts. You will continue to find, and be able to search, our archived blog posts here on this site.

We invite you to explore this resource—and to let us know if you’re looking for specific advice.

January 2012

Retention Benchmarking Using Free Online Tools - Monday Musings
Retention is one of the hardest “needles” to move. Yet colleges and universities often set retention targets based on hopes and aspirations rather than a realistic assessment of what is likely to be possible based on both the institution’s history and external benchmarking. One tool that can be very helpful in setting realistic retention goals is The Education Trust’s College Results Online Advanced Search site, which can be found at Using this tool, you can identify other institutions that resemble yours in terms of some key factors that often influence retention such as institutional size and type; median SATs and selectivity; percent receiving Pell Grants; percent enrolled part-time; etc. As can be seen in…Read more

Abrupt Staffing Changes: Are You Prepared? - Monday Musings
I was recently talking with someone from an institution where a key leader in admission and financial aid had given very short notice of his departure during a critical part of the enrollment cycle (application evaluation time and the beginning of financial aid awarding). This discussion got me thinking about another situation I encountered a few months ago at a small institution where financial aid packaging was done manually by one individual who had not documented the process. How reliant are you on key individuals with specialized knowledge? What would happen if these people were suddenly not available? Since financial aid packaging season is here, and you can’t afford inaccurate or delayed offers of financial aid, take a moment to evaluate…Read more

New Year’s Resolutions Every Enrollment Manager Should Make for 2012 - Mondays Musings
Here are our 12 for '12: Will always base marketing, recruitment, and awarding decisions, as well as retention interventions, on empirical evidence and data analysis. Will create a “culture of evidence” among the enrollment management leadership team. Will mentor and provide professional development opportunities for the enrollment management leadership team. Will be sure that the admissions office and financial aid office share the common goal of net tuition revenue for new students. Will ensure that the admissions office appropriately resources the recruitment and enrollment of transfer students based on the transfer market share of new students. Will make sure the admissions office is armed with proof statements of the return…Read more