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Distance From Home - Monday Musings
Distance from home. It’s an important part of the college decision-making process for many families. I was reminded of the importance recently when dear friends were visiting campuses with their second oldest. Her older brother attended a college about 7 hours from home. Their third, much younger child named Colin, missed his brother in a big way while he was away at college. When Colin accompanied his sister and family on the college visit circuit, he was worried his sister would also choose a college far from home. He was known to regularly remark after a visit: “Too far, Meg, pick another.” It remains a secret whether or not Meg’s younger brother influenced her college choice, however, she did attend a college less than an hour away. Distance…Read more

Audit Your Campus Tour - Monday Musings
The role of the tour guide on the campus visit has been well documented in our blogs and by countless other enrollment management professionals. The tour is a critical part of the campus visit. Tour guides control the story, the pace, and many interactions on the tour. However, tour guides follow a prescribed route and they can’t control the condition of the campus that day, so their ability to shape visitors’ impressions is limited. In my early years in admissions, the vice president for enrollment organized a campus tour audit. He gathered together over 30 people from across campus. Staff members from the physical plant, student affairs office, admissions team, marketing office, and finance office as well as faculty members took the better…Read more

Who’s on First? - Monday Musings
Time and again during the course of retention best practice reviews, we find that the institution has not appointed a retention “champion.” Numerous individuals from enrollment, student affairs, and academic leadership may be working on various aspects of retention, and there may even be a retention committee or task force, but there is no clear, integrated vision for retention strategies informed by data. In this scenario, because retention is everyone’s responsibility, in effect, it becomes no one’s responsibility. A concerted effort from all parts of the institution is needed for a successful retention program but because we all know what happens when there are too many cooks in the kitchen, assigning a retention champion is critical…Read more

College Counselors & Financial Aid - Monday Musings
A recent survey conducted by RuffaloCODY found that many rising high school seniors relied heavily on their school counselors for information on college financial aid. When students were asked where they had gotten information on financial aid, only college websites (with 40% of students citing them as a source) ranked higher than high school counselors (33%) as a source of information. We often talk about how, as enrollment managers, we no longer control the student recruitment conversation. This realization leads to a number of conclusions about the persistence of paper and email communications, the importance of the college’s website, and the roles of other key influencers. As you put together your recruitment plan for fall 2015, be…Read more

Regional Recruiters: Are they worth it? - Monday Musings
[Note: we occasionally ask friends and colleagues to act as guest bloggers. This post is provided by Patricia Maben, Executive Vice President for the Enrollment Management Division at RuffaloCODY.] I had a wonderful meeting with one of my favorite universities earlier in the year. It was a meaningful discussion on how to open up new markets when primary markets are in the hot bed of shrinking demographics. Opening up new markets is the most easily understood objective, but the most misunderstood investment. With yields in new markets at incredibly low rates compared to primary markets, the “silver bullet” solution has been to hire a regional recruiter. Makes sense, right? But, if not done well, the placement of a regional recruiter will…Read more