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Recruiting With Noble Purpose - Monday Musings
Most Saturday mornings I spend a little time at my favorite local coffee shop reading the newspaper. Yes, I am one of those people who still likes to get her hands dirty with newsprint while consuming my morning news. Over time I’ve come to look forward to reading the weekly syndicated column (old-fashioned version of a blog, I suppose) written by Lisa Earle McLeod, a sales leadership consultant who has done sales training and coaching for many companies whose names will be familiar to you. Her columns about purpose-driven sales resonated with me because I could see the parallel to admissions recruiting – a field where some consider sales a four-letter word and some recruiters themselves scoff at the notion that they are salespersons. I…Read more

The Media & Student Debt - Monday Musings
This summer, a study of media coverage of student debt was released by Hamilton Place Strategies. The findings should not come as a surprise to any enrollment management professional. In 2012, the average amount of student loan debt for college graduates was under $30,000. The average debt reported in anecdotal news stories is over $85,000. Simply put, the study confirmed what we already knew: reporters often highlight extreme cases in their stories. While it is difficult to know the exact impact of these stories, at least in part because of this type of coverage, students and their parents are thinking more about the long term impact of student loan debt. Unfortunately, in many cases they are likely thinking about a debt level well…Read more

The Vulnerability of Management - Monday Musings
The Kansas City Royals have made a remarkable run in the postseason. They’ve gone undefeated through the wildcard game, the American League Division Series and the American League Championship Series, and the World Series stood tied 2-2 after game four on Saturday night. Ned Yost, the Royals manager, is an oddity in modern sports. He was the manager of the Milwaukee Braves from 2003 to 2008 and has been with Kansas City since the 2010 season. His teams have never finished in 1st place. He has never finished higher than 5th in voting for manager of the year either in the National or American League. Yet, here the Royals sit – through persistence and with diligence to follow the plan and the vision – in the World Series as the American League…Read more

Transparency Sells - Monday Musings
This past week, my friend, Dan, posted an ad on Craigslist hoping to sell his car. In his posting, he described in great detail the many defects of his vehicle, and in some cases, how his vehicle got those defects. As I read the posting, I thought to myself: “no one in their right mind would buy this vehicle.” You probably had similar thoughts. But here’s the interesting part. He got 9 offers in less than 4 hours. Although I’m not exactly sure what made 9 different people contact Dan with an offer for a clearly troubled vehicle, I do suspect it had something to do with the transparency with which Dan communicated. He didn’t hold anything back. He clearly articulated what worked and what didn’t work. Whoever bought the vehicle…Read more

Maximizing the Benefit of Working with Consultants - Monday Musings
Although, as enrollment management consultants, we work hard to serve all of our clients well, we do find that some clients end up getting more out of our collaborations than others. We’ve spent some time thinking about our most successful partnerships with clients, and wanted to share some advice on the attributes we think have contributed significantly to ensuring a successful consultation: Clearly communicate your goals for the project as part of the process of selecting a consulting partner to be sure you are all on the same page. We always request an intake phone call before drafting a proposal for this very reason. We want to be sure the services we are proposing will meet the client’s needs. In cases where we think another firm…Read more