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Enrollment Management Web Resources - Monday Musings
If you’re like me, you may find it frustrating trying to keep up with the latest trends in enrollment management. I have a few favorite sources on the web that I check regularly and a few others I also try to keep up with, but new sources are constantly popping up. In the interest of putting a more comprehensive list together, I asked my colleagues here at S&K for their favorites. So now I feel totally on top of things. At least for today. Please post your favorites in a comment below. Blogs Chronicle of Higher Education Headcount Inside Higher Ed Blog U Washington Monthly College Guide Jon Boeckenstedt’s Admitting Things Bow Tie Admission Stamats MyCollegeGuide (see the archives) Center…Read more

Financial Aid or Financial Planning? - Monday Musings
The study conducted last summer by Longmire and Company entitled Your Value Proposition: How prospective students and parents perceive value and select colleges contained one particular question that caught my attention. Over 80% of respondents said they would find it appealing, “If a college were to offer an annual service to help you estimate and manage all educational and personal expenses associated with attending college during your time there.” It brought to mind that over the last few years it seemed a growing number of financial aid offices were changing their names to replace “financial aid” with “financial planning.” Had these offices made substantive changes to respond to the perception that studies like this confirm…Read more

Becoming Paperless Means More than Just Making Forms Electronic - Monday Musings
In the last few months, I have visited two financial aid offices that had recently become “paperless” using an imaging system. Surprisingly, however, their processes were just as cumbersome—or perhaps even more cumbersome—than when they had their old paper files. To be clear, this is not a criticism of the imaging system itself, but rather the way it had been implemented at these institutions. Essentially, they were creating an electronic “paper trail” in the imaging system that mirrored what they used to have in their file drawers. For example, to package a student or to change a package, an electronic worksheet was created in the imaging system. The award was calculated or re-calculated and entered on the worksheet. Then the awards…Read more

2014 New Year’s Resolutions Revisited - Monday Musings
With the All Star Game set for Target Field in the Twin Cities quickly approaching, Major League baseball marks the midpoint of the season, providing managers and coaches the opportunity to assess first-half performance and results as well as prepare rosters, strategies, and changes for the rest of the season. Higher education enrollment managers and coaches (vice presidents, deans, and directors) have the opportunity to reflect on their 2014 enrollment management New Year’s resolutions, take stock of what has been accomplished and what hasn’t, and – based on this spring’s results – fine tune, redirect, and revise this fall’s recruitment campaign to build demand for fall 2015 and beyond. The mid-year scorecard would likely include: Have…Read more

Distance From Home - Monday Musings
Distance from home. It’s an important part of the college decision-making process for many families. I was reminded of the importance recently when dear friends were visiting campuses with their second oldest. Her older brother attended a college about 7 hours from home. Their third, much younger child named Colin, missed his brother in a big way while he was away at college. When Colin accompanied his sister and family on the college visit circuit, he was worried his sister would also choose a college far from home. He was known to regularly remark after a visit: “Too far, Meg, pick another.” It remains a secret whether or not Meg’s younger brother influenced her college choice, however, she did attend a college less than an hour away. Distance…Read more