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Recharge Your Recruitment Plan AND Your Batteries - Monday Musings
We used to hear this frequently: “Summer is down time in admissions.” Or, “We have a hard time keeping our recruiting staff busy during the summer.” Although we don’t hear it as often anymore, it still comes up often enough to merit a comment here. There is no reason for the recruitment team to be at half speed in the summer months. In addition to melt-reduction activities, effective enrollment and recruitment teams are busy planning and analyzing during the summer months. Why wait until late August or September to schedule high school visits and college fairs? Many college fair schedules arrive at admissions offices in May or June and a number of colleges put together the bulk of their travel schedules before high schools break for…Read more

Student Views on the Difficulty of Paying For College - Monday Musings
Recent improvements in the economy haven’t alleviated families’ concerns about paying for college. RuffaloCODY recently conducted a telephone survey of 1600 current high school sophomores, juniors and seniors and found that 22% felt that paying for their college education was going to be “Quite difficult”, while 62% felt it would be “Somewhat difficult.” The results were nearly identical to those of a similar survey conducted last year. Perhaps not surprisingly, the proportion expecting that paying for college would be “Quite difficult” increased as students got older and the prospect of college got closer. Students in the south are more sanguine about their prospects. Finally, the results also differ somewhat as a function…Read more

Does Sticker Price Still Matter? - Monday Musings
The answer is YES! Last fall Gallup conducted a survey during its nightly poll of Americans asking parents of 5th through 12th graders whether they will restrict colleges to which their children can apply based on tuition. It would be a safe assumption that many, if not most, of those interviewed would not have been through a full aid application and awarding process. So it’s likely that it was a fairly uninformed audience regarding how to pay for college. The extensive range in age was also problematic as many would not yet have been in a position to think much about college. Nonetheless, based on these responses, sticker price clearly does still matter. And evidently it is most influential at the very beginning of the admissions stream…Read more

Getting the Data Right - Monday Musings
When it comes to supplying data for IPEDS, Common Data Set, surveys, etc., colleges and universities take a variety of approaches. A number of institutions have sufficiently-staffed Institutional Research offices that have the time and expertise to produce the requisite data, and have protocols in place to ensure its accuracy. But frankly, there are many institutions that don’t have that luxury. Often, completion of federal and state reporting requirements turns out to be a team effort because either there is no full-time IR person or the data for a particular office is deemed “too complicated” for anyone but a staff member from that office to gather (e.g., financial aid). Consequently, the point person responsible for ensuring that data…Read more

For New Directors/Deans of Admissions, Financial Aid & Enrollment Management: What should you focus on the first three months? - Monday Musings
Hands down it’s the people. It’s your direct reports; their teams and the support staff; the other directors with whom you need to partner; and finally, your supervisor(s). Regardless of how creative and productive you are personally, you will only maximize your potential and produce optimal results through the people with whom you have built a relationship of trust and mutual respect. There are, however, subtle but very real differences in your relationship-building agenda for each audience. The following are some examples: Direct reports – This is your “go to” team and, with the exception of your supervisor(s), these are the people with whom you must forge the most solid relationship, in this case as coach/mentor. You need to get…Read more