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It’s Not Just About the Money (But It Will Be If You Let It), Part 2 - Monday Musings
[Note: This week’s post is the conclusion to Kathy Kurz’ entry from last week, talking about how to make the case for your institution’s value proposition.] In addition to knowing yourself and knowing your graduates: Third, know your competition. How do they talk about their programs? Can you provide compelling evidence that the attributes of your programs that are distinctive compared to your competition add value for your graduates? Previous S&K posts have highlighted the importance of collecting data from the National Student Clearinghouse on where admits who did not enroll at your institution ultimately matriculated.Use this information to determine if there are specific academic majors where you “lose” to a particular institution…Read more

It’s Not Just About the Money (But It Will Be If You Let It), Part I - Monday Musings
We’ve talked in recent posts about the role of sticker price in family decisions about where to apply for admission. We’ve also talked about the wave of appeals that schools tend to experience in the spring and we provided some thoughts on how to respond. We’ve commented on the reasons behind increasing discount rates at private institutions across the country and the growth in aid being offered by public institutions. But in the midst of all this angst about the cost of education, families' growing concerns about debt, and cut throat competition based on net price, we want to take a step back and remind everyone that there are many factors besides price that play into a student’s college choice decision, and it would behoove colleges…Read more

A Holiday Gift Guide: What Presidents Want From Their Enrollment Managers - Monday Musings
It’s the season for gift-giving, which caused S&K to think this week about what college presidents would like to receive from their enrollment managers. Presidents are so hard to shop for. Here are a few gift ideas for you: A healthy, collaborative relationship between the EM and the chief financial officer. The relationship should be an open, trusting and mutually supportive one. There should be a cohort-based revenue plan, with enrollment, institutional aid, net tuition revenue and discount rates for each student cohort as it enters the institution and then progresses through to graduation. It should be updated at least annually, if not each term. Effective collaboration between the EM and the chief academic officer, too. The EM needs…Read more

Two Ugly Words & One Bright Future - Monday Musings
[Note: This post is provided by Mike Williams, President of the Austen Group, which recently became part of RuffaloCODY. The Austen Group provides institutional research and analysis to private colleges and universities in the areas of curriculum and cost, inquiry to enrollment modeling, and retention.] It is more important than ever that colleges and universities understand the business metrics underlying the academic programs they offer. One needs to understand the external demand for a school’s programs—nursing compared to psychology compared to philosophy—as measured by the number of prospective students who express an interest in each major, and the internal demand—the number of graduates in each major. Then, of course, the cost…Read more

Young Alumni/Admissions Collaboration - Monday Musings
Just a few years ago, I was sitting in a chair at my commencement looking at this piece of paper that I had worked so hard for asking myself, “Okay, now what are you going to do with it?” I could go into the work force, continue my education with an advanced degree, or join a volunteer organization and make a difference for a worthy cause. The list goes on and on. One thought that did not cross my mind was how much my university gave to me and how I might consider giving back. That’s why institutions need to get recent grads to start thinking about advancement opportunities before they even leave campus. Nobody knows more about your institution than someone who was walking its halls a few short months/years ago. These young alumni have…Read more