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Young Alumni/Admissions Collaboration - Monday Musings
Just a few years ago, I was sitting in a chair at my commencement looking at this piece of paper that I had worked so hard for asking myself, “Okay, now what are you going to do with it?” I could go into the work force, continue my education with an advanced degree, or join a volunteer organization and make a difference for a worthy cause. The list goes on and on. One thought that did not cross my mind was how much my university gave to me and how I might consider giving back. That’s why institutions need to get recent grads to start thinking about advancement opportunities before they even leave campus. Nobody knows more about your institution than someone who was walking its halls a few short months/years ago. These young alumni have…Read more

Saving Non-Enrolled Student Aid Data - Monday Musings
Why keep data on institutional aid awards in your student information system after admitted students tell you they won’t be enrolling in the fall? After all, you’ll probably never see these students again. Why take a chance that these dollars might find their way into internal and external reports of enrolled student aid? A surprising number of institutions still feel this way about aid data for non-enrolling students. The reason for keeping a record of those awards is simple and compelling – you can’t understand the role institutional merit and need-based aid play in prospective students’ enrollment decisions without data from enrolling and non-enrolling students. The best methods used to analyze the impact of scholarship and grant…Read more

Collaboration between Admissions & Faculty - Monday Musings
Accessibility of faculty is an integral part of the experience at most institutions; this message is most effectively delivered by the faculty themselves. Beyond the obvious opportunities like meeting with families one-on-one during individual visits, allowing prospective students to sit in on classes, and being available at open house events, here are some best practice examples of faculty support for recruitment: Challenge faculty to create “wow” experiences for all recruitment events that will demonstrate what it is like to be a student at your institution, such as: investigating a mock crime scene, performing with a musical ensemble, playing a stock trading game, or participating in a debate. The goal is for each visitor to have an…Read more

Confessions of a New Old Road Warrior, Part 2 - Monday Musings
[Note: This week’s post is the conclusion to Michael Beseda’s entry which appeared last week.] So, there I was, schlepping a travel case and a somewhat recalcitrant middle-aged body around I-80, 580, 680, 880 and every other 80. On the advice of Jim Sumner, now Dean Emeritus at Willamette, I had interviewed nearly 50 faculty members, staff, alums, former admission deans, and just plain interesting people, asking them what they thought defined the University and its students. Given the lack of concrete clarity in the market research I had reviewed, I was surprised to hear a remarkably consistent account of Willamette’s character in these conversations: The first university in the west was blessed with a campus across the street from the…Read more

Confessions of a New Old Road Warrior, Part 1 - Monday Musings
[Note: we occasionally ask friends in the field to act as guest bloggers. This post is provided by Michael Beseda, Vice President for Enrollment and University Communications at Willamette University. We were fascinated with Michael’s story of how he came to understand his new institution, so we asked him to share his journey with you.] On the road since 6:00am, I had already visited two schools by 9:30 and was flying across San Francisco channeling Steve McQueen in an effort to get to my next appointment at Lick-Wilmerding on time. This fall, I revisited my roots as an admission “road warrior” in an effort to better understand the prospective student market for my new institution, Willamette University, and to test my burgeoning sense…Read more