New Year’s Resolutions Every Enrollment Manager Should Make for 2012 - Mondays Musings

By Jim Scannell on Jan 02, 2012

Are you ready for 2012?

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Here are our 12 for '12:

  1. Resolutions for Enrollment Management ProfessionalsWill always base marketing, recruitment, and awarding decisions, as well as retention interventions, on empirical evidence and data analysis.
  2. Will create a “culture of evidence” among the enrollment management leadership team.
  3. Will mentor and provide professional development opportunities for the enrollment management leadership team.
  4. Will be sure that the admissions office and financial aid office share the common goal of net tuition revenue for new students.
  5. Will ensure that the admissions office appropriately resources the recruitment and enrollment of transfer students based on the transfer market share of new students.
  6. Will make sure the admissions office is armed with proof statements of the return on investment of the undergraduate educational experience.
  7. Will be sure that the admissions recruitment team, the financial aid staff, and coaches are all sufficiently trained to be able to make the case for affordability including using tools such as income profiles of entering freshman classes and case studies of enrolling freshmen and transfers to compliment the net price calculator.
  8. Will build strong relationships with other senior team members through effective communication and joint planning.
  9. Will instill a sense of urgency about serious enrollment challenges, and not get side-tracked by work that doesn’t advance the enrollment cause.
  10. Will assure that the admissions/recruitment “sales team” is focused on selling most of the time and not encumbered with administrative tasks that take them away from recruitment and relationship building.
  11. Will make sure that the enrollment areas take full advantage of expertise on campus in building strong working partnerships with marketing/communication, alumni relations, career services, IT, faculty, and athletics.
  12. Will make sure student services staff in enrollment areas are well trained, supported, and respected for the critical front-line customer service they provide.

Are you ready for 2012?

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Jim ScannellAbout the author: President Jim Scannell's special area of expertise falls in recruitment - from mentoring admissions leaders to building new demand through data analysis and the development of strategic communications. Jim's administrative career spanned over 25 years of leadership in admissions, financial aid, and enrollment management at Boston College, Cornell University, and the University of Rochester.

In addition, Jim has authored numerous publications on enrollment management including On Choosing a College that is Right for You (Peterson's Guides), The Effect of Financial Aid Policies on Admission and Enrollment (The College Board), Working Together: A Cooperation between Admissions and Financial Aid Offices (The College Board), and Shaping the College Experience Outside the Classroom (University of Rochester Press). Jim is a regular contributor to University Business and speaks at national conferences and seminars such as the College Board, NACAC, and others.

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