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“The Mount’s freshman class grew from 424 enrollees in fall 2010 to 572 enrollees in fall 2011, the largest class we have ever enrolled. In fall 2012, we increased our SAT average by over 30 points from fall 2011, the highest average we have ever enrolled. Obviously, we’re very pleased with the results we’re seeing. I’m confident I’m allocating the institution’s resources in the best possible way.

I credit the professionals at Scannell & Kurz and the new financial aid strategies for much of our program’s turnaround. In addition to that, the recommendations made by the Scannell & Kurz team on our day-to-day operations in admissions and financial aid helped to streamline and motivate my staff going into the Class of 2017 recruitment cycle.

It’s a joy to work with Scannell & Kurz. The staff is efficient, thorough, and effective, following up with any question I have had. The data breakdowns provided through Scannell & Kurz are another tremendous benefit. The analysis really is impressive. When it comes to working with Scannell & Kurz, the relationship is refreshingly positive. The entire team is professional, flexible, focused, and patient. We couldn’t ask for a better fit for our needs."
Michael A. Post
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Mount St. Mary's University



Regardless of the specific project...Scannell & Kurz always delivers.

Added Value: Advanced preparation allows us to arrive on campus ready to ask the right questions.  As a result, our recommendations often go well beyond initial expectations.

Full Data Sharing: The data on which we base our recommendations are always shared to enable our clients to repeat the analysis themselves as their goals, environment, or challenges change.

Dynamic and Functional Reports: Our first report is a draft, which enables you to offer feedback and thus helps us to fine-tune the final report.  Frequently, once the report has been finalized we are asked to return to campus to present findings, launch implementation, etc.

Actionable Recommendations: The recommendations provided are as detailed and practical as possible.  Our goal is to give each client a realistic plan of action.