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"Our association with Scannell & Kurz has resulted in a data-based decision making process that has played a significant role in strengthening the University's enrollment, retention and financial position. We have consulted with them for new ideas, strategies and best practices, and the results have been rewarding. As a satisfied client, I would highly recommend their uniquely qualified services."

Danny Taylor
Senior Vice President for Finance
and Administration
Lipscomb University

“Scannell & Kurz undertook a comprehensive analysis of our admission and financial aid operations.  Their strategic insights helped us chart a course for continued success in a challenging economy.”

Leo I. Higdon, Jr.
Connecticut College


Enrollment Management Organizational Reviews

Our expert team of consultants understands your institution needs all enrollment management departments performing at optimal levels, while working smoothly with one other. Our experience as practitioners and as higher education consultants has proved that too many institutions have departments with operations and procedures that just don’t mesh.

We believe in order to run effective programs to enroll and retain students, you need to use your people, your facilities, and your resources to their fullest potential. In partnership with your institution, we can help strengthen communications between enrollment-related offices, break down the “silos” developed over years of departmental habit, and ensure that your staff are organized and trained to be maximally productive.

S&K Methodology

To conduct a thorough organizational review and provide you with an implementable strategic management plan, we begin by reviewing a number of off-the-shelf materials submitted by you, such as:
  • organizational charts
  • job descriptions
  • descriptions of recruitment- and retention-related programs
  • financial aid policies
  • planning documents
  • prior market research or surveys
  • communication calendars and materials
  • and sample reports.

After our enrollment management consultants familiarize themselves with your materials and departmental structure, we visit your campus, interviewing staff responsible for various enrollment-related functions. During this visit, we come to understand whether the current organization and training of staff is optimal – or not. We learn how information is shared – and when it is not.

We compare your use of technology to best industry practices and help you determine who your “super-users” are when applicable. With you, we assess the extent to which the whole campus community is involved in helping to achieve institutional enrollment goals and where there might be opportunities to further enhance enrollment-related programming.

The ultimate deliverable is a written report that provides recommendations related to organization, operations, and best practice strategies, including detailed information about implementation for you and your enrollment team.

Begin the process today to strengthen your staff’s productivity in enrolling your next class. Contact our office and schedule a phone conversation with our experienced consultants by calling 585-381-1120, or visit our contact page.

We are ready to partner with you.

Download a copy of They Came, They Paid, They Stayed: Best Enrollment Management Practices from the Field, Jim Scannell’s and Kathy Kurz’s presentation on best practices in enrollment management made to presidents and CEOs at the 2010 NASCUMC Annual Meeting.