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Recent Events

Jen Wick and Alvernia University's Christine Saadi presented at the 2013 PASFAA Conference in State College, PA
A copy of this joint presentation is available for download.

Bill Berg was a panelist at the 69th NACAC National Conference in Toronto
A copy of this panel presentation is available for download.


Average vs. Total Net Tuition Revenue & Why You Have To Look At Both - Monday Musings
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do we know we will be able to implement Scannell & Kurz's recommendations?

Throughout the project you will find constant give and take between Scannell & Kurz and your institution.  First we work with you to determine the scope of the work, an appropriate interview schedule, and accompanying documentation for those interviews. If the project requires a site visit, an introductory meeting with the client ensures that everyone is comfortable and clear regarding the nature of the project and the deliverables.  At the conclusion of the site visit, an exit interview allows Scannell & Kurz to share its observations and findings to date and to provide a sense of direction regarding the areas on which the report is likely to focus.  The report is first submitted in draft form so that comments, reactions, further explanation, and clarification can be taken into consideration before finalizing.  If desired, a webinar presentation of the findings can provide an opportunity for additional interaction.  Scannell & Kurz is available to the client for consultation throughout the year.  From start to finish, these multiple opportunities for interaction guarantee that the recommended solutions meet the client’s expectations and fit within the client’s capabilities. 

What demands are placed on the client during a typical project?

Who at Scannell & Kurz is going to work on our project?

How long does a typical project take from start to finish?

For a financial aid review, why does Scannell & Kurz feel it's important to see staff in the office of admissions as well as leadership from other enrollment-related offices during the site visit?

In order to conduct a strategic financial aid review, what kind of data file will Scannell & Kurz need?

If our institution has never done any financial aid awarding analysis, will the deliverables be too complicated and difficult for us to administer?