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"We have been very pleased with the type of information we can access using FAST; it has allowed us to ask and answer much more sophisticated questions than was possible without this tool.  We took the FAST tool to another level using complementary institutional data to increase enrollments in selected locations.  In terms of net revenue, the expected results have already paid for the entire 3 year contract cost."

Rick Shipman
Director, Office of Financial Aid
Michigan State University


FAST (Financial Aid Strategy Tool)

If you actually model various financial aid scenarios—not simply guess at them—your strategic actions will hit their targets much more precisely.

A Web-based modeling and simulation tool, FAST can help you pinpoint the most effective use of your financial aid dollars.

FAST identifies factors that influence applicants’ enrollment decisions, including the impact of various grant levels. It allows you to examine the impact of potential policy changes on net tuition revenue, academic quality, diversity, and other institutional goals, and can be used to simulate multiple awarding strategies so that the best option can be picked.

The FAST service is accompanied by training to ensure effective and independent use of this Web-based simulation tool.

Services include:

  • Construction of a unique, institution-specific predictive model and simulation tool

  • Customized written deliverables including comprehensive table analysis

  • Staff training to ensure effective and independent use of the Web-based simulation tool

Screen Shots

FAST Screen Shot