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“We have had a great working relationship with Scannell and Kurz. They developed a financial aid packaging model that maximized our net tuition revenue while still meeting our enrollment goals. It was one of the best decisions we made to partner with S&K.”

Scot Schaeffer
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Luther College


Strategic Financial Aid Consulting

At Scannell & Kurz, we understand the powerful role of price sensitivity. That’s why our core business is helping our clients target their financial aid strategically to achieve their enrollment goals.

Our financial aid consulting services use your data to help you identify opportunities to leverage financial aid resources, increase net tuition revenue, increase quality, build demand from target populations, and understand the tradeoffs between enrollment goals. See S&K Case Studies for actual outcomes of our partnerships.

What Makes the S&K Methodology Highly Effective?

  • Our customized approach to financial aid leveraging recognizes that no two institutions are alike. Our financial aid models are unique to each client and our recommendations emerge from a blend of econometric analysis and statistical modeling, practical experience with best practices, and an understanding of your institution’s goals, challenges, and operations.
  • In order to give you a complete understanding of your options, we simulate the impact of a number of alternative awarding strategies, including any approaches you suggest. This partnership ultimately translates into specific, data-driven packaging recommendations that consider both institutional and outside aid sources.
  • Along the way, as we get to know the institution, we may see other opportunities to enhance recruitment programs or admissions and financial aid operations. Consequently recommendations that go beyond just the aid strategies themselves are typically included in our reports.
  • We even provide some analysis of first to second year retention to ensure that first year aid strategies won’t negatively impact persistence.
  • We also are committed to partnering with our clients throughout the first year of implementing the new strategy to ensure there are no surprises. We help you monitor your progress through the cycle and discuss any mid-course corrections that may be necessary.
  • Finally, we make our analysis very transparent in order to ensure our clients can participate as equal partners in using this data for strategic decision making. We would welcome the opportunity to talk more with you about our service.

Please give us a call at 585-381-1120 or inquire via our Contact Form to set up a date and time to talk to one of our expert financial aid consultants.


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