Jennifer Wick

Collaboration between Admissions & Faculty - Monday Musings
Accessibility of faculty is an integral part of the experience at most institutions; this message is most effectively delivered by the faculty themselves. Beyond the obvious opportunities like meeting with families one-on-one during individual visits, allowing prospective students to sit in on classes, and being available at open house events, here are some best practice examples of faculty support for recruitment: Challenge faculty to create “wow” experiences for all recruitment events that will demonstrate what it is like to be a student at your institution, such as: investigating a mock crime scene, performing with a musical ensemble, playing a stock trading game, or participating in a debate. The goal is for each visitor to have an…Read more

Standing Out From the Crowd (Pt 2): Savvy Use of Outcomes Data - Monday Musings
In my previous post, I mentioned that my nephew had been to visit a campus, and he and his parents were quite taken with it. Why did this institution stand out? One reason is that the Director of Admission remembered talking with him at his high school, but the biggest influencer was that they had provided solid information about graduate outcomes. My brother-in-law is an engineer, and had been grappling with understanding the value of liberal arts. In doing his homework, he noticed that many liberal arts institutions have been addressing this issue head-on. We talked about how STEM graduates tend to have higher starting salaries, hence a more immediate return on investment, however it’s been shown that in the longer-term, salaries of those…Read more

Standing Out from the Crowd (Pt 1): Selling the Visit - Monday Musings
Recently while visiting my in-laws, including my nephew who’s a rising high school senior, I asked how the college search was going. Sighs all around. They knew they should be visiting campuses, but couldn’t get him interested in forming much of a list to get started. (It might have something to do with the graduation party circuit being in full swing.) They had been on a few college search sites and were gathering word-of-mouth recommendations, but were having trouble deciding where to commit time away from work and vacation for campus visits. They had been to visit one local campus, and if they hadn’t exactly drunk the Kool Aid, they had at least sniffed it. The school seemed like it could potentially be a good fit (another reason he…Read more