Jennifer Wick

This Season's Conferences: Where We'll Be - Monday Musings
The conference season is approaching, and we’d love to connect with you! As you make your plans for professional development activities, consider a number of conference and webinar presentations S&K staff will be making over the next few months: Kathy Kurz will present financial aid webinars on May 9 and June 14. Click here for more information and to register. Shari Gnolek, a new member of our research team, will be presenting at the AIR Forum May 18-22 in Long Beach, CA. Mary Piccioli and Jen Wick will be presenting at the NACCAP Annual Conference May 29-June 1at Messiah College, Grantham, PA. Jen will be presenting at the ACT Enrollment Planners Conference July 10-12 in Chicago, IL. Kathy will be presenting at the NASFAA National…Read more

Financial Aid Strategies You Can Explain: Where do you draw the line? - Monday Musings
In estimating enrollment behavior there are variables that are typically significant, such as financial need, total grant, quality measures, intended major, distance from campus, etc. Although the set of variables and their magnitudes are specific to each institution, there are some indicators that are usually more predictive than others. In addition, students that help further an institution’s mission and goals, such as increasing quality or diversity, tend to be at a premium in the pool and often are candidates for additional institutional aid. Families typically understand that this is the case. They may not like it, but they understand it. Explaining that different institutions have different profiles, goals and resources as the reason…Read more

Financial Aid Website Best Practices - Monday Musings
Financial aid websites are by necessity content heavy, and let’s face it, a bit dry. The best sites are clear, concise, and pay particular attention to the key issues that prospective students and families consider, such as: How much does the university cost? What financial aid resources are available to help cover the cost to make it affordable? How and when do I apply for financial aid? The following are key elements of best practice websites, with examples. Tuition and other costs should be portrayed in a clear, concise format and be front and center, easy to find. New and current students have very different concerns and processes, and so need separate paths. Clearly…Read more