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2015 New Year’s Resolutions for Enrollment Managers - Monday Musings
Here are this year’s resolutions. Include these in your priorities for the coming calendar year. Avoid “knee jerk” reactions to the competitor’s strategy de jour. Don’t make decisions on intuition alone. Experience and expertise can help inform decision making, but all plans, programs, and strategies should be the result of comprehensive data-driven analysis. Be a good communicator, with the senior team and trustees; with your leadership team in enrollment; and throughout your organization. Given the volatile and competitive nature of enrollment management today, one of your absolute, critical responsibilities is to ensure there are no enrollment surprises – good or bad. Clear, timely communication is key. Invest your time and…Read more

Happy Holidays from Your Friends at Scannell & Kurz! - Monday Musings
  Everyone at Scannell & Kurz wishes you a safe and happy New Year!   Image © Denise Torres | Created with Canva.Read more

What I Look for in a College, by Joey Loffredo - Monday Musings
[Note: Joey Loffredo is a high school junior serving as an intern this fall in the S&K offices.] The college search is a time of great uncertainty in a high school student’s life. Where will I be in two years? Can I get in where I want to go? Did I do enough in high school? The uncertainty, however, is on both sides of the table, as recruitment and enrollment officers also have a great deal of uncertainty. What do students truly look for? What makes our institution more attractive than our competitors? As a junior, I am currently a prime target of admissions representatives from around the country and as a current intern at Scannell & Kurz, I have been asked to share my perspective on the college search process. I will do this by listing…Read more