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What I Look for in a College, by Joey Loffredo - Monday Musings
[Note: Joey Loffredo is a high school junior serving as an intern this fall in the S&K offices.] The college search is a time of great uncertainty in a high school student’s life. Where will I be in two years? Can I get in where I want to go? Did I do enough in high school? The uncertainty, however, is on both sides of the table, as recruitment and enrollment officers also have a great deal of uncertainty. What do students truly look for? What makes our institution more attractive than our competitors? As a junior, I am currently a prime target of admissions representatives from around the country and as a current intern at Scannell & Kurz, I have been asked to share my perspective on the college search process. I will do this by listing…Read more

The Lost Art of Mentoring - Monday Musings
As I look back at some of the most important relationships in my life, I remember a high school football coach who became a lifelong friend; a counselor in college who saw a freshman in need of direction and guidance after losing his father; an eccentric professor who saw some leadership and organizational potential; and even a supervisor who later became a formidable business competitor. All of these people played important roles mentoring me personally as well as professionally. The value and impact of their mentoring can’t be measured and I am forever grateful for it. In return, mentoring young men and women, either as a coach, an admissions professional, a legal guardian, a father, a supervisor, and now a grandfather has been a lifetime…Read more

The Vulnerability of Management - Monday Musings
The Kansas City Royals have made a remarkable run in the postseason. They’ve gone undefeated through the wildcard game, the American League Division Series and the American League Championship Series, and the World Series stood tied 2-2 after game four on Saturday night. Ned Yost, the Royals manager, is an oddity in modern sports. He was the manager of the Milwaukee Braves from 2003 to 2008 and has been with Kansas City since the 2010 season. His teams have never finished in 1st place. He has never finished higher than 5th in voting for manager of the year either in the National or American League. Yet, here the Royals sit – through persistence and with diligence to follow the plan and the vision – in the World Series as the American League…Read more