Kathy Kurz

Characteristics of Effective Leaders - Monday Musings
As I move away from S&K (at least in a full time capacity), I find myself reflecting on the many leaders I have met during my 20 years as a consultant. A list of the attributes that I believe the most successful leaders have had in common can be found below. They listen. While ultimately leaders need to be comfortable making their own decisions, the best leaders inform themselves first by listening to their staff members as well as to the data that are available. They do the hard work of researching, rather than just assuming that their instincts are good. They have a bias toward action. Although good leaders take time to gather information to ensure good decisions, they avoid “paralysis by analysis.” They are able to move quickly enough…Read more

Maximizing the Benefit of Working with Consultants - Monday Musings
Although, as enrollment management consultants, we work hard to serve all of our clients well, we do find that some clients end up getting more out of our collaborations than others. We’ve spent some time thinking about our most successful partnerships with clients, and wanted to share some advice on the attributes we think have contributed significantly to ensuring a successful consultation: Clearly communicate your goals for the project as part of the process of selecting a consulting partner to be sure you are all on the same page. We always request an intake phone call before drafting a proposal for this very reason. We want to be sure the services we are proposing will meet the client’s needs. In cases where we think another firm…Read more

Tuition Remission and the Discount Rate - Monday Musings
As many of you know, the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) calculates discount rates by taking all institutional aid including athletic aid (whether from unfunded sources, endowment, or annual gifts) and dividing by tuition and mandatory fee revenues. However, tuition remission for the dependents of faculty and staff is NOT included as institutional aid because NACUBO considers such funds to be an employee benefit and therefore a human resource cost. While we agree that treatment of tuition remission makes sense, it can produce some strange results, particularly at small institutions. Taken to its extreme, if the entire freshman class at an institution was comprised of faculty/staff dependents receiving…Read more