Kathy Kurz

Responding to Application Trends - Monday Musings
In response to concerns from some institutions that are facing declining applications for fall 2014, the team at Scannell & Kurz and RuffaloCODY compiled the following list of intervention suggestions. You may already be doing many of these things, but hopefully everyone will find at least one new idea in the list. (Special thanks to Kim Myrick who started this project!) Admission Staff OutreachInquiries Immediate call to all new inquirers for application and visit Create urgency by using deadlines for priority consideration Contact students who send test scores or transcripts but haven't applied—call best candidates, email all—notify these students of potential scholarship matches Contact students who visited but have not yet applied—email…Read more

Have you checked what they’re saying about you lately? - Monday Musings
As institutions continue to develop social media strategies, a surprising number overlook the need to regularly monitor the “word on the street” about their institution. As is often the case in higher education, we focus internally on our planning and “management” of social media, forgetting that we have little control over most such venues. Add to that the growing number of publically available college “rating” sites (which we talked about in our December 2012 University Business article, Transparency Run Amok), and keeping up with your public image, let alone combating anything negative, can be a part time job, if not a full-time one. So if you haven’t checked lately on what is being said about you in blogs, on Facebook, in…Read more

It’s Not Just About the Money (But It Will Be If You Let It), Part 2 - Monday Musings
[Note: This week’s post is the conclusion to Kathy Kurz’ entry from last week, talking about how to make the case for your institution’s value proposition.] In addition to knowing yourself and knowing your graduates: Third, know your competition. How do they talk about their programs? Can you provide compelling evidence that the attributes of your programs that are distinctive compared to your competition add value for your graduates? Previous S&K posts have highlighted the importance of collecting data from the National Student Clearinghouse on where admits who did not enroll at your institution ultimately matriculated.Use this information to determine if there are specific academic majors where you “lose” to a particular institution…Read more