Kathy Kurz

It’s Not Just About the Money (But It Will Be If You Let It), Part I - Monday Musings
We’ve talked in recent posts about the role of sticker price in family decisions about where to apply for admission. We’ve also talked about the wave of appeals that schools tend to experience in the spring and we provided some thoughts on how to respond. We’ve commented on the reasons behind increasing discount rates at private institutions across the country and the growth in aid being offered by public institutions. But in the midst of all this angst about the cost of education, families' growing concerns about debt, and cut throat competition based on net price, we want to take a step back and remind everyone that there are many factors besides price that play into a student’s college choice decision, and it would behoove colleges…Read more

Collaboration between Advancement & Enrollment Management - Monday Musings
As recently as ten years ago, S&K found the financial aid and admissions offices working at cross purposes at many institutions. In many cases, the financial aid office was focused on staying on budget; the admissions staff was focused on meeting class size goals; and no one was thinking about how to optimize net tuition revenue. Now most institutions have solved that disconnect. However, advancement and enrollment management continue to function as silos on many campuses, missing significant opportunities to collaborate to the benefit of the institution. Here are a few examples: The advancement office focuses on matching donor’s interests to institutional needs but often interprets institutional needs for scholarship support as “more…Read more

Leadership in Challenging Times - Monday Musings
At the recent RuffaloCODY conference in Denver, there was a lot of buzz about the number of VP for Enrollment Management positions that have come open over the last year. Some of those openings are the result of VPs moving on to bigger and better things, like Chris Domes — VP at Marymount University moving on to a presidency at Silver Lake College. But in other cases, the departures came after incoming class targets (size, discount rate, quality profile, etc.) were missed. Some hypothesized that leadership positions in enrollment were becoming as dependent on “win/loss records” as head coach positions. And there may well be some truth in that. Certainly we all know of enrollment management professionals whose senior leadership lost confidence…Read more