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“S&K conducted a thorough review of enrollment management practices and provided several recommendations which were implemented. This resulted in our enrollment numbers increasing. Whenever our former interim Chancellor is introduced at an event, the turnaround in enrollment which occurred under her watch, is almost always mentioned as a highlight of her tenure.

As a result of S&K’s findings, several processes were improved. One of the biggest changes was a culture shift that augmented the level of involvement from non-admission key staff across campus in recruitment.

We are still improving and have a way to go. What is clear is that S&K’s recommendations led to greater efficiencies, better use of staff, and enhanced automation in some processes. They were the driver for a number of changes (both in culture and process) here at Rutgers-Camden.”

Rodney Morrison
Associate Chancellor for Enrollment Management

Rutgers University - Camden


Student Recruitment Strategies and Recruitment Plans

Whether you need to recruit a larger incoming class; shape your class by improving quality, diversity, or other class attributes; or explore new markets, our expert consultants will help you determine the best approach to achieving your goals.

S&K Methodology

We combine our knowledge of recruitment best practices with an assessment of your “as is” state and an understanding of your desired state to provide practical advice and data-driven recommendations for action to meet your enrollment goals.

Some of the recruitment practices and strategies typically reviewed include:

  • Inquiry generation and management
  • Territory management
  • Relationship marketing
  • Yield activities
  • Communication plans and marketing message
  • Use of technology
  • Student and alumni volunteer involvement
  • Campus events and tours
  • Linkages with other offices
  • Involvement of campus-wide stakeholders


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