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“At LIU Brooklyn, retention has become a dominant theme over the last decade, particularly as it applies to advancing the basic mission of the institution. One instrument that proved to be very valuable in assisting the institution in prioritizing the factors affecting retention was the quantitative and qualitative analysis conducted by Scannell & Kurz, Inc. in May 2008. The report’s breakdown, informative discussion, conclusions, and recommendations about student persistence provided a foundation for formulating and implementing a comprehensive plan of action to improve how we respond to this intractable issue faced by many institutions of higher learning who serve a diverse student body. Our efforts have resulted in significant improvements in student retention and are clearly linked to the concrete and substantive recommendations of the Scannell & Kurz study. We continue to use their recommendations as a yardstick to measure our ongoing success in this important endeavor.”

Gale Stevens Haynes, Esq.
Long Island University-Brooklyn


Student Retention Consulting and Analysis

Successful enrollment management includes retaining current students. Often institutions have not used available data to understand who stays and who leaves. Consequently their retention strategies are not as effective as they could be.

Student retention consulting has become the fastest growing part of our business, given the critical concern with keeping the students one has already enrolled.

S&K Methodology

We can help you identify and develop profiles of students who are most likely to leave your school and then recommend intervention strategies to reduce student attrition.

In support of retention reviews, we compare your current student success initiatives to best industry practices. In addition, we use trend analysis and predictive modeling to pinpoint at-risk students and understand what institutional policies or procedures may in fact be contributing to attrition.

The “deliverable” is a set of recommendations designed to address your unique challenges and help you retain students who already enrolled at your institution.

Programs and processes typically included in our reviews:

  • early warning systems and how follow up is generated
  • financial aid renewal policies 
  • community building programs 
  • first year experience courses
  • student satisfaction surveys
  • academic advising and support systems 
  • student life programs.


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