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"Our SKORE reports have helped us immeasurably in this financial aid packaging cycle.  The SKORE tool provides easy access to data and reports that give us absolute confidence that we are executing our packaging strategy with precision."

Mary Grondahl
Vice President of Enrollment Management
The College of Saint Rose

"SKORE is wicked awesome!"

Carrie Glass
Director of Financial Aid
Loyola University New Orleans


SKORE (Scannell & Kurz Online Reporting Environment)

In an increasingly competitive enrollment market, the demand for timely, accurate data to aid the decision making process has grown exponentially. However, at many institutions getting usable data out of the student system has proven a significant challenge, tying up valuable IT resources. S&K developed SKORE to address this growing need.

Key Benefits of Choosing SKORE


  • Frees Up Valuable IT Resources – after a one time investment of IT resources to automate pulling the data into the required SKORE format, minimal ongoing IT support is required.
  • Powerful Reporting – in addition to the ability to easily generate customized reports, SKORE comes preloaded with numerous standard report templates to get you started.
  • Ease of Accessibility SKORE is accessible from any computer with a high-speed internet connection.
  • Simultaneous Availability – a single license allows multiple users to access SKORE simultaneously from any computer with a high-speed internet connection.
  • Flexible Support Options – clients who would have difficulty pulling the data into the required SKORE format can contract with S&K to load files on a weekly basis on their behalf.


SKORE Screenshots

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Sample Financial Aid Matrix Report Sample Table for Creating Custom Categories sample Enrollment Dashboard Sample Yield by Subpopulation Table


SKORE Overview

SKORE is a secure online enrollment management data warehousing and reporting tool that allows admissions and financial aid offices to easily produce both standard and customized reports with merged financial aid and admissions data. SKORE provides institutions the ability to produce both in-process tracking reports and year-end analytics to understand trends in recruitment and retention behavior along with student responsiveness to financial aid. To use SKORE, institutions must put their admissions, financial aid, and enrollment data into a specified format for loading into the tool.  This standard format allows the tool to perform a series of validity checks on the data. Data files can be loaded into the tool as frequently as desired.


SKORE Service

SKORE services begin with a detailed demonstration of the tool and a discussion of the data set requirements.  A user's manual is also provided.  When the data file is ready to load, S&K staff is available to answer questions about the load process and help institutions resolve any issues identified by the validation process.  In addition, S&K staff can help with any questions that may arise about creating institutionally specific reports.


Additional Details

Standard reporting templates include:

  • Yield by Subpopulation Tables
  • Cross Tabulations Reports showing yields by two variables (i.e. need and grant or test scores and GPA.) These reports can be run further segmented by subpopulations (e.g., ethnic groups, geographic groups, etc.).
  • Cohort Retention by Subpopulation Tables
  • Financial Aid Matrix Reports showing yields, average institutional grants offered and accepted, and average enrolled NTR by customizable quality and need categories.
  • Means Reports showing totals, averages, minimum and maximum values for selected variables. These reports can be run for admitted, enrolled, and non-enrolled students, as well as for subpopulations (e.g., ethnic groups, geographic groups, etc.).
  • Frequency Distributions on any of the variables provided. For example, this function can be used to easily identify feeder high schools, potential recruitment territories, or to simply get a fast look at the data.
  • Net Tuition Revenue by Subpopulation Tables
  • Enrollment Summary Dashboards


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For more information about SKORE or to schedule a free, no obligation SKORE WebEx demonstration, please contact our office by calling 585-381-1120 or send us a message through our website. We look forward to answering your questions.