Tim Schuldt

Young Alumni/Admissions Collaboration - Monday Musings
Just a few years ago, I was sitting in a chair at my commencement looking at this piece of paper that I had worked so hard for asking myself, “Okay, now what are you going to do with it?” I could go into the work force, continue my education with an advanced degree, or join a volunteer organization and make a difference for a worthy cause. The list goes on and on. One thought that did not cross my mind was how much my university gave to me and how I might consider giving back. That’s why institutions need to get recent grads to start thinking about advancement opportunities before they even leave campus. Nobody knows more about your institution than someone who was walking its halls a few short months/years ago. These young alumni have…Read more

Ask What Your Data Can Do For You - Monday Musings
Institutions collect all sorts of data... some because they have to (IPEDS reporting, for example), some because they want to (say, for institutional research). They look at financial aid expenditures, socio-economic trends, enrollment behavior… you’ve seen the reports. But not everyone fully appreciates the value of their own data. With the rapid onset of data warehouses, CRM’s, etc., most institutions aren’t suffering from a shortage of data. But many are having trouble matching the increasing volume of data with the capability to put the data to use in improving institutional policies, decision making, and resource allocation. With the highly competitive marketplace that exists in higher education, institutions can’t afford not…Read more

Is Distorted Data Driving You Down? - Monday Musings
A couple of weeks ago, my colleague Don Gray discussed how to get the most value out of your data. He stressed the importance of preserving both enrolled and non-enrolled data to facilitate future data analysis. But there is more to it than just storing your data to perform meaningful analysis. Data needs to be captured, transferred, and recorded accurately; otherwise you will quickly be looking at a "garbage in, garbage out" situation. In order to avoid putting yourself in this "trashy" state, I have listed several common data errors that I have found in my experiences as a researcher: Deleting non-enrolled aid: The only way to do proper analysis on how financial aid impacts enrollment is to look at the money offered to all admitted students,…Read more