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How Admissions Staff Should Prepare for the Financial Aid Season

On Friday, December 9, Enrollment Management Consultant Mary Piccioli presented the free webinar: How Admissions Staff Should Prepare for the Financial Aid Season. She was joined by Kathy Kurz.

Fall travel season is over. The holidays will be here in a flash. The Admissions Team should be focusing on final conversations. They will have to encourage students/parents to apply for aid, as well as plan for the discussions they will have once aid packages hit the streets.

This webinar explores:

  • What every admissions team should know and be prepared to discuss prior to and just after January 1, 2012 (e.g., forms requirements, important deadlines, what’s an EFC and financial need?)
  • Understanding that a recruiter’s job doesn’t end once the FAFSA is filed. Because many institutions have recruiters call the student once the aid package has been offered, it is important to be able to explain differences between grants and loans and help a family calculate the net cost to attend your institution and understand payment options.
  • Other important topics that recruiters should be able to discuss, such as recent tuition increases, campus job availability, scholarship renewal policies, and “hand-offs” to the financial office.
  • Balancing messages about affordability and value.

Admissions recruiters don’t need to become financial aid experts. However, they should be able to speak confidently on these and other topics.

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