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Client Case Studies, Results, & Outcomes - Whitworth University

A private, residential, liberal arts institution desired to shape the freshman class and increase NTR.


A thorough and comprehensive analysis of admission and financial aid data led to recommendations regarding Whitworth’s recruitment, pricing, and awarding strategies. Scannell & Kurz first analyzed the price sensitivity of the freshman admit pool in 2003. Six times since then the University has requested recalibrations of the model to ensure that strategies were still on target to support enrollment goals (i.e., increasing freshman enrollment, raising academic quality profile of entering freshmen, and increasing NTR).

Results of Our Work Together

The freshman class size has grown from 557 in 2009, to 663 in 2012. In addition, entering freshman average best SAT score (admissions) increased from 1794 in 2009, to 1804 in 2012.

Client Feedback

"Scannell & Kurz has been an invaluable partner to Whitworth as we have worked to shape the profile of our freshman class while also increasing net tuition revenue. In an era of increasing volatility and uncertainty, S&K’s rigorous quantitative analysis and consulting insights have given us confidence to make important and timely decisions.”

- Greg Orwig, Vice President Admissions and Financial Aid



Scannell & Kurz Case Study - Whitworth University File